Our challenges don’t have to break us…they can actually make us!


Successful navigation of today’s unpredictable world demands a new breed of adaptability. The requirements are fierce courage, optimism, a commitment to growth and a willingness to alter our perspectives. Our challenges don’t have to break us. They can actually make us!

The Relentless Resilience mission is “Helping People Bounce Back!” Research has shown that resilient people outperform, outsell, out manage and outlast their non-resilient peers! Teaching people how to change their relationship to their challenges, how to wash away negative behavior patterns and how to build up relentless resilience is what our organization, products and services are all about.

RELENTLESS RESILIENCE training materials will teach you how to cultivate unbreakable spirit, embrace innovation and believe in your ability to take charge. You will learn mindsets and skills to help you face, overcome and become strengthened by your challenges. The importance of meaningful activity, purposeful work, creative expression and strong relationships are addressed.

There is a way out of the mess you think you’re stuck in. Despite the turmoil, the challenges, the problems, the grief and the chaos, you can live a resilient life and succeed against all odds.

Candace’s unique blend of stories, experience, research, guidance and music will keep you bouncing back!